The textiles and garments that surround us silently accompany us through the unfolding experiences of our lives. New stories are gathered. New histories are created. The materials become charged with a spirit that is not reproducible – a kind of social life or aura created by its own unique history. 

I create new work from old things: new bags from discarded leather coats, wallets from unwanted jackets, quilts from textile and leather remnants.

I weave scraps from previous projects into new works, and the result is a charged piece of art, activated not only by my own hands, but from the material’s previous lives. Another layer is added to its history.

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Texas Sun

Rainbow Abstract

Dutchman’s Puzzle detail

GPS Quilts -3

Seeping Through

Dutchman’s Puzzle No. 4

Mending Hide No. 1

Dutchman’s Puzzle Full



Mending Hide No. 2

Dutchman’s Puzzle No. 6

Dutchman’s Puzzle No. 3

A Gift to Vidar

Abstract Histories No. 5

Abstract Histories No. 4

Abstract Histories No. 6

Abstract Histories No. 3

Abstract Histories No. 1